Friday, September 28, 2012

The End of Colorado

I know that I've had a lot to say about our trip. We've been back for ten days and we are still reeling, even through the move. The end of our story beings with our drive through Independence Pass and our day in Denver. It was a long journey and the views were amazing. We stood in snow, ate amazing food, and dove into a rooftop pool (ok the boys did that not me). Here's how it looked.

Yes, that is the windshield and I apologize but it was such a nerve-wracking drive and we didn't stop all that much.  That sign is basically suggesting a full on U-Turn in the snow, on a mountain, with no guard rail. No biggie. 

We hopped out at the Continental Divide for our official photo while the babe slept in the back.

One of the most important things that happened that day was this amazing cup of coffee from Happy Coffee once we got to Denver. I was tired and ready to get out. What a great neighborhood recommendation from a friend (you Jennifer). We loved every store and picked up a few things to take home

The rooftop pool was amazing and O loved looking down on the city. We ate at Steuben's and walked the city blocks. It was the perfect get away.

And once we got home, we were all happy to be there for a couple of more days. Happy Friday, friends!

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