Thursday, September 20, 2012

Babes on Planes

Oliver came back from Colorado a seasoned traveler. He was a champ on the plane! And the train, and the subsequent three hour car ride. Getting up to Snowmass required a lot of travel but he did it perhaps even better than me! We kept him busy with a few new small toys, a decent amount of his favorite snacks, and borrowed an iPad (although that didn't prove to be the winning element). 

He wore these headphones for about as long as it took for me to snap this photo. He much preferred them on the floor than on his head. I think the new scenery was distraction enough for the most part. Although we would not have minded if he slept on the plane but that wasn't happening.

He got to stretch his legs as we waited for the rental car and even played a bit with another waiting toddler. Once we were in the car he was knocked out! We stopped again and played at this beautiful rest stop that had a scenic river and a real live train for him to snoop around in. Other than a few irritated squeals towards the end of the drive he did great. How do you keep your little one entertained for travel?

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  1. I'm jealous! When we flew home from Ohio this summer, my little dude had a HUGE breakdown, complete with attempting to kick our neighbor, and nothing worked as a distraction. I have a feeling time of day may have played into it, but STILL. Count your blessings! :)