Monday, September 24, 2012

A Wedding in the Mountains

Two of our friends got married up in the mountains of Colorado, although I'm sure you already know that since I can't stop talking about it. The ceremony was heartfelt and sweet. The couple had already been together for ten years to the day and their little guy just turned one the week before so it was a pretty special day. The step-father of the groom performed the ceremony with wisdom and true love in his heart. It was an honor to witness their union and be surrounded by an amazing bunch of people.

The sweetest moment between father and son right before the bride came down the aisle.

After the ceremony we enjoyed mountain views in very bright sunshine, had an amazing meal, and then let loose on that dance floor. I tried my best at the Greek dancing but I just couldn't keep up! Congratulations my lovely friends, we are still so happy we could be there. 

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  1. Love this post!!!! So happy to have you guys there to share in the celebration!!
    xo Ali