Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday Brunch.

Nothing completes a weekend of fun quite like a Sunday morning brunch. We were up bright and early as usual watching cartoons and relaxing when I decided that Mr. Bedhead needed a haircut. I chopped off lots of fuzzy curls that had gotten way out of control and now he's looking quite spiffy. And his reward was pancakes.

Katz Club Diner is new around here so we decided to check it out. The shiny diner cars have gone through several transformations over the years but this bright morning breakfast was really a treat. The coffee counter was filled with delicious looking pastries and they serve Rising Star Coffee that is locally roasted and delicious. O went with ice and cherry compote as an appetizer.

Initially we were a bit disappointed that they don't have a children's menu but apparently O was quite hungry and ate almost the entire serving of these delicious pancakes. I had the mushroom hash and JJ had the corned beef hash. Both were really good and more than we could finish. The staff was nice too so that always makes for a good experience. The rest of the sunny day was filled with playing and errands. Hope you had a nice weekend too. Happy Monday!

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