Monday, August 19, 2013

Chasing Summer.

Friday afternoon I got home from work to do a little more work and was feeling exhausted and unmotivated. O was napping at the sitter's house, JJ was a work. I got a few things done then imagined our typical evening of cooking dinner and winding down and I just was not interested. Instead I devised a plan in five minutes, packed some clothes and sent a warning message to JJ that I was on my way.

With both boys in the car I turned on the music and we drove off to enjoy some last moments of summer. We found a waterfront restaurant in Fairport Harbor and enjoyed a lakeside meal in the warm sun. Admittedly JJ was wary of my plan but things worked out beautifully.

After dinner we went to the beach to throw rocks and splash in the water. There were lots of other people there hanging out and waiting for the sunset. We played on the playground and just enjoyed some spontaneous fun. It was a good kickoff to the weekend and it's so nice to just have some time with just the three of us.

I hope your weekend was great. Here's to a happy Monday!

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