Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cleveland Flea: August.

Saturday was one of those perfect Cleveland days, the skies were blue and the sun was hot. Little Man slept way in that morning so we knew we were safe to head down to the Cleveland Flea for an extended trip. Things timed up perfectly and we were able to meet up with friends and family to enjoy lunch and a beer on the Sterle's Country House patio. 

The patio was packed with people carrying bags filled with their vintage find, freshly canned food, and jewelry. We played the fun (also known as the very frustrating) ring toss game while O enjoyed a fresh apple from one of the farmers and a grilled pretzel. He made a little friend and the filled his pumpkin bucket with rocks happily while we contemplating making a purchase (see the industrial stools in the first pic).

After some thought and discussion we went back for the stools happy to see that they were still there. We chatted with the vendor about where he got them and how he cleaned them up so nicely. For the price and the cool industrial look, we knew we'd never find something quite like them. Our long term plan is to redo the kitchen and create an island. These will fit perfectly. We got them in the car and was ready to go just in time as O asked, can we go home now? Too much fun. Thanks Cleveland Flea, it was a fun day!

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