Friday, November 22, 2013

Measuring the Day.

I had a very happy return home to my favorite boys and was happy to spend the day solo with O on Wednesday. My patience was restored from my little getaway and it was funny to pay close attention to just how our minutes are spent.

We spent 30 minutes trying to put on a pair of socks. 10 minutes running outside avoiding getting into the car. Two 20 minute chase scenes, one was about putting pants back on, the other was just laughing, hiding, and chasing. 20 minutes at the BMV, behaving and making friends. 30 minutes on task doing some sort of desired activity. 22 minutes walking home from the playground looking at sticks, acorns  (coconuts he calls them for some reason), leaves, and squirrels. And so on. I did my very best to just laugh at just how very determined he is not to do what I ask, even when it's something he wants to do. Happy Monday, may you measure your day in happy moments!

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