Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Adventure.

I'm so late on this post. I've been late on many posts lately and then just don't end up sharing. But this is just too good. Our first real Halloween "trick 'n treatin'." He was way too excited to get over to Scareborough and get the fun started but once it was time to go, it took a little convincing. He didn't quite understand that he 1. had to walk 2. had to walk in the ran without an umbrella. He must have thought we were totally nuts but once he got that first morsel of candy he was off!

The wet streets were packed with families enjoying a warm October night collecting goodies. This neighborhood is serious about their decorations! There was music, haunted houses, giant spider webs, and a guillotine graveyard scene that was pretty brutal.

But it was awesome! We were out for an hour, I was ready to throw in the towel after a small block but JJ was not about to let that happen. O was amazed by the costumes of the other kids and kept stopping to say things like "look at that banana!!!!"

This is him ignoring me that the umbrella was just going to slow him down and a detail of the cute little tail I made for him. 

Eventually the soaking wet clothes and the dark night got the best of him and O said "that's enough candy, let's go." I loved it. I hope your night was great too!

And in case you were wondering what we wore...mama deer and papa wolf were trailing behind. I found the masks here in case you are in need. Have a great Wednesday!

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