Friday, April 19, 2013

Not So Pretty in Pink: Before and After.

I have to start of by saying that this entire post is pretty trite in the wake of the Boston news. I am holding my friends and their friends in Boston in my thoughts, what I nightmare.

This is the last photo I will ever show you of the pink room, I promise. Look at this rosy cheeked little helper. He was eager to climb the ladder but it turns out that his painting skills are subpar so we sent him off to bed and powered through this room. Truthfully, we got the primer up and then had to stop for about four days before we had time and energy to power through.

So last Friday night we did it up real good. We put on our sweats, grabbed some brushes and painted this room!

We found the color through a home tour on Design Sponge and fell in love with it! Originally we wanted it for our bedroom but it was just too dark. I thought I had to let it go. Then JJ had the vision for the dining room and it's so awesome!

Here are some details of the room that I once disliked with the pink but now think look really great. The ornate fixtures clashed so much with the previous color that it was hard to take them seriously. But once the new shades were up they suddenly looked classic.

We are still in the process of decorating and clearing things out but it's looking better everyday. I attempted to get curtains for the big french doors that open to the street but wasn't in love with anything and was told not to force it. So instead, I picked up this cool gold vase as inspiration. I hope you like our new room. Happy Friday!!


  1. Oh my gosh, the new color is stunning!!! I'm crazy for it. Hmm, maybe its time my dining room got a facelift...