Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Party People.

Apparently the majority of our little friends were born in the month of March. So far we've been to four parties in two weekends and it's been a wild and fun time. It's so fun to see how our friends put together parties for their kids. It ranges from a casual meet up to a jump palace to a mini rock show with dad and grandpa performing for the birthday girl. No matter how you put it, our little ones are lucky to have good friends to celebrate with. Above and below is what taking a photo of 18 kids kids looks like. Check out my little guy's face in the second photo, he's not into it anymore.

Let's not forget the new ones! How cute are these dads with their new boys??

We had a variety of cupcakes including minion cupcakes, a Superman cake, and a donut cake. No matter the form, it seems consistent that O eats it frosting side down and is over it once the frosting is gone and we are left to discard of the stump.

At the fourth party O discovered that this cool fire engine moves when his cheap-o parents agree to put quarters in! There was an excavator too and his was over the moon.

I love this sweet picture of the last birthday girl. She was so gracious in welcoming everyone to her party. This is what we've been up to and it's been a lot of fun. I'll share some of the fun gifts that I made for the kids next! Happy Wednesday!

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