Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day Crafts

The day started off a little shaky. The mounds of snow determined to keep us indoors made me worry about what we'd do today. Through clenched teeth and spilled milk (literally everywhere), I scrubbed the stove top in protest of another day inside. It's winter, I thought to myself, get inspired. Deep breaths and a cup of coffee while O played trains and I had a simple idea. Let's make something kiddo. 

Our craft shelves are overflowing with things to do, I just have to actually do them. I have to come up with the ideas, this kid would happily just watch T.V. on a day like this but I didn't want to start that up.  We gathered up the X and O stamp, some nice craft paper, a glue stick, and scissors and made Valentine's Day cards together.

I helped with the cutting and the tape, and stopped my inner control freak from intervening beyond that. They look great and he was really proud of himself and listed off the names of friends and family that he'll be giving these to. Plus we easily spent a good hour on them.


"Don't worry, mama, the ink will wash away." It's tough sometimes to find an activity that we both want to do, I can only play train chase for so long before I'm bored…so  crafts are always a great alternative. Now I just need to stay motivated for the rest of winter. When't it over…April? Happy Friday!

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