Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Day Out.

Sunday was an exciting day. I don't know what you did but we headed out for a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine! I know, we could hardly contain ourselves. The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is just 40 minutes away and well worth the drive. The rolling hills are so scenic and a good distraction from the two 2 years olds in the back seat. 


We told them where we were headed but when O actually saw Thomas he squealed with delight! It was so so cute to hear that little scream and see his face light up! We boarded the train and the conductor was kind enough to stop and pose with any child that wanted to snap a picture. Serious business like boarding Thomas requires a serious face.

We had a bit of a wait once we were on but the boys happily jumped on seats and discussed "Tommy" amongst themselves all while being very cute and appreciative. Thanks for the kiss!

The only other activity that we did was watch the model trains that circled round and round in the tent next to the boarding station. We could have stayed there for hours they were so mesmerized! But with minimal tears we were able to leave and wave goodbye to our cheeky friend Thomas, and thankfully avoid all the merchandise in the gift shop! Thanks for the memories!

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