Monday, December 3, 2012

Mark This Day In History

We rode a train yesterday. Are you listening?! We rode a real live mini train at the Cleveland Botanical Garden's Glow event. O seriously almost fainted from excitement! Just look at that blurry little face!

Two tickets to paradise. We had the nerve to scoff at the $3.50/rider price (I think that this price was in place since it was Circle Fest and all of the museums were free) but when he saw that train go by he gasped with pure joy. So like good parents we gladly handed over the dough.

The train ride was short but honestly the sweetest thing of his whole life! He talked about it for the rest of the day. Like "seriously guys, do you remember that train ride?!" Circle Fest was a lot of family fun, we saw horse drawn carriages, lots and lots of lights, and even had a popcorn ball. This weekend was filled with really great events but nothing tops that smiling little face! Happy Monday friends.

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