Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Bandit

Last year O's BFF gave him this cute little neckerchief for Valentine's Day. His mama made a few and I think they are just so cute...sometimes I wear it around the house! It's a really simple project and you just need a few things!

One piece of fabric measuring 16 x 16
Red felt
Embroidery thread
Metal snap

Cut a heart shape out of the felt and sew on with the embroidery thread on the right side of the fabric. Fold the fabric in half diagonally into a triangle with the right sides facing in. Sew the seam together leaving a small hole to turn the fabric right side out. Sew the rest of the seam and iron flat. Add the metal snap closure and you have yourself a cute little Valentine Bandit! This would be so cute for a children's Valentine party favor!

Project designed by K.D.R.

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